Pink Leaves, White Houses, & Other Fall Updates

And with that, we are only a day away from Thanksgiving. Holy smokes! It’s crazy to think that November is almost over, but I have to say that I’ve been excited for Thanksgiving to come for a long while now. It’s the start of all of the winter festivities and on a personal note, this year we are excitedly anticipating a few extras. One, in particular. :)


In terms of decorating, I am just now feeling like I have a vague idea of where most of our seasonal decorations are. In the spirit of transparency, we’ve still got A LOT of boxes that need to be unpacked, sorted, and organized. For the longest time, we knew were nothing was, outside of what we had been using day to day. Things are slowly starting to make their way into a system and I’m proud to say that I was at least able to get a few autumn-y decorations in place in time for Thanksgiving. Here’s what that foyer hall table is looking like these days…


On the other side of our couch, we’ve been trying out a few bookshelves, stacked on their sides. Who knows if they will stay for the long run, but for now they are home to a few books (the rest are still packed!) and some fall bits and pieces.


Oh, and the festivities don’t stop there… awhile back, I snagged this pink, orange, and gold bunting for a few bucks off a Target clearance end cap and now he’s hanging proudly across the big mirror above the couch. PS. Did you notice that rug? It’s new! We went on a whirlwind one-day adventure to find it and I’ll have more pictures and details coming your way soon. :)


Those are the main areas we’ve fall-ified and I feel content with that. Moving is a SLOW process, especially when you’re sick and pregnant for most of it and I’m learning the art of giving myself some grace. Just do what you can and what feels right and fulfilling and that can be enough.

One thing that happened for the first time since we’ve moved here is… a festive TABLE SETTING! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these- way back when in the last house- and it felt nice to clear the table off of all the junk mail that accumulates, set out some dishes, and make it look nice in honor of the holiday season.


For this get up, I went with the pink theme. Just as a heads up… Mitch and I are toying with the idea of a whimsical, pink-filled Christmas in honor of the (hopefully pre-Christmas!) arrival of our little lady. How fun would that be?! I’m not a huge pink person when it comes to, well, anything, but I think a brand new baby girl is a good excuse as any to try something fun and different this year! We’ll see how this plays out. :) Anyway, back to the table setting…


I started by throwing a white Pashmina scarf I already had across the table and following up with some dark woven chargers (these ones are from Ikea), white plates and bowls, silverware, and some cloth napkins.


The napkins came from Goodwill, but are originally from Target if you’re looking. Our Goodwill gets loads of brand new, still-in-the-packaging products from Target’s overstock and it’s a great place to snag some deals! These napkins seemed very autumnal to me so I grabbed a few packs and used them as the spring board for the table setting inspiration.


To add to the pink factor, I cut some leaves out of scrapbook paper and scattered them along the center of the table…


For the centerpiece, I opted to continue the white theme and plopped a few ceramic white houses (they’re actually candle holders) in the middle and called it a day. These guys came from the Target dollar aisle and are just a few bucks each! I have to say… their dollar aisle Christmas selection is on point this year and every time I stop by, I’m tempted to pick up a few more bits and pieces. Side note: these houses would be great present toppers and actually, I’ve been hoarding them to finish off a bunch of gifts for friends and family. They’re just beautiful!


To top things off in pink-world, I grabbed four Mason jars to use as drinking glasses (that feels fall-ish, right?) and added some pink drinking straws. Aren’t they so festive and cute?


And there you have it… our Thanksgiving table and fall-ified home! Happy Turkey Day, everyone! We hope your day is filled with good food and lots of laughs. :)

35 Weeks

I cannot believe we’re at the 35 week mark. And that we have less than 5 weeks to go before Baby Girl is due to arrive.


Pregnancy is a weird thing because parts of it seem to go by so slowly, while others speed by. Everyone experiences this differently, but for me, the beginning crept like a snail. Once we hit week 20 though, time flew and here we are. Week 35. I have a lot of thoughts and emotions about all of this: excitement and anticipation, joy and deep deep love, but also fear and anxiousness, worry and doubt. I think that’s normal. Or let’s just pretend it is to put my mind at ease. :)

I wanted to check in today with a journal entry of sorts… a little update on how the pregnancy has been going, show a few bump pictures, answer some of the recurring questions we get asked. You know, just a bit of the low down on what’s been going on in our world. What’s funny about these pictures is that they are a pretty good representation of the adventure we’ve been on this past year- this baby is very well traveled! It’s been a BUSY pregnancy and it’s fun to have snapshots to look back and remember all the places we’ve gone and experiences we’ve had with her in tow.


When is the baby due? December 20th

Do you have a name picked out? Yep! We love it and haven’t wavered on our decision since we made it. In terms of what “it” is, well, you’ll just have to wait. We’re keeping that piece to ourselves until our little girl makes her debut. I’ve heard it’s torture to have to wait (my youth group kids are DYING), but you’re in good company… we’re not even telling our parents until the big day. It’s just something Mitch and I decided to hold close to us until she’s born- this way, we have the freedom to change our minds along the way, but more so, to make a decision that feels right to us without the opinions of everyone else. But make no mistake, we can’t WAIT to share it. :)


How are you feeling? For the most part, I feel great. No more regular sickness (thank GOODNESS). The sick has just been replaced with pure exhaustion. I am tired all.the.time. In terms of physically, I get some pretty significant back pain after walking or standing for too long. I think the weight of the belly sticking out puts a lot of strain on my lower back, which can lead to a lot of soreness if I don’t sit down and take it easy.

Do you sleep well? For the most part, I sleep pretty soundly. Sometimes it takes me awhile to fall asleep (getting comfortable around a pregnant belly is quite a task), but once I’m there, I’m usually good. That is until I have to get up to go to the bathroom… which is constantly. :)


Any cravings? It’s funny… in the beginning, I craved healthier things and especially things with a high water content. I was getting sick so often and unable to keep water down, so I think my body subconsciously craved foods that would replenish that lack of hydration. Popsicles, fruits, lemonade, etc. were all crowd pleasers. Nowadays? Things have taken a turn and junk food has my name written all over it. :) Chocolate chip cookies are a fan favorite these days.

Can you feel her move? Yes! She’s an active girl… at all hours. :) This has probably been my favorite part (this, and working on the nursery)… feeling her move around. What used to be sharp kicks and jabs have transitioned into smoother movements, shifting around, and adjusting her position. Also, she’s gotten the hiccups a few times and that is just plain hilarious.


How’s the nursery coming? Great! We’re in the home stretch and are LOVING the way it’s turning out. Get ready for a whole slew of posts about it because we’ve got a lot to share with you. The whole room has been painted (you saw that here), all of the big furniture is in and assembled, we’re working on washing and sorting through her clothes (we’ve got a fun dresser makeover coming your way!), and beginning the process of adding the last finishing touches- a rug, lamp, mobile, and decorations.

Will house projects/blogging stop? I hope not! Right now is a very busy season, as I am trying to get all the necessary things in order at work before the maternity leave starts. It’s been a whirlwind of preparations in every aspect of my life, resulting in less blogging lately than I’d like. Hopefully when things calm down a little, we can pick up the posting schedule again. We have so much to share with you, so much to fill you in on! Not only have we made a lot of headway with house stuff, but there’s a lot of life stuff to share too (like the ridiculous amount of pictures and videos we have from our Hawaii adventure back in MAY, that we still haven’t said a word about around here)! So yes, we hope to continue home projects and blogging about this, that, and everything in between.


Have you taken childbirth classes? Yep. Next week is our last of the four sessions and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the class. It has been a great way to start mentally preparing for the experience, plus we got to take a tour of the hospital, which was a huge help in getting acquainted with where we’ll need to go and which rooms we’ll be spending most of our stay in.

Will you be taking maternity photos? Yes! We’re actually getting them done today! :)


What are you most nervous about? Everything is going to change… I don’t know what it’s all going to look like, but I know it’s going to be different. The unknown is a little unnerving if I spend too much time thinking about it.

What are you most excited for? This is a tough question for me because when I think of the process from start to finish, each part of it excites me. The realization that labor has started and that it’s only a matter of time before she gets here. Grabbing our bags and the ride to the hospital. Even going through the painful parts… I know it sounds weird, but there’s a part of me that wants to go through the hard work that it will take to bring Baby Girl home. I’m excited about spending the first moments with Mitch as we take in our new little wonder. Watching him hold her… I think he’s going to cry… I’m definitely going to cry. I’m excited about seeing our family meet her for the first time. Telling them her name. I’m excited about coming home. Our Christmas tree will be set up and finally, our house will feel like the home we’ve been working toward since we moved here. We can watch Christmas movies together- just the three of us, our little family. I’m excited to wake up and remember that she’s here, that she’s ours. To begin to learn what our new family looks and feels like. That’s what I’m excited about. :)



An Enchanted Princess On the Side Of the Road…

… has very little to do with today’s post. :)

BUT, we wanted to show you some of the progress that we’ve made in the nursery and yes, an Enchanted Princess does make a guest appearance. Let’s back up, though. A few weeks ago, I showed you the game plan for Baby Girl’s room and explained our thoughts for the space. Today is all about PAINTING!


The room is finished. The painting, that is… and we are in love. When we first bought the house, the room was being used as a nursery and had white walls and a white ceiling. As I mentioned before, since we’ve lived here, it has evolved from nursery to catch-all to office space to baby shower catch-all and back to nursery. We cleaned it all out, leaving us with a blank slate to work with:


We decided that in terms of color, we definitely wanted some feminine touches of pink, but mostly wanted to keep things clean and light (and spacious-feeling) with a lot of white. The solution? White walls and a light pink ceiling!


It took some going back and forth to come to the right shade of pink for the room… we didn’t want anything too heavy (a dark ceiling would make the room feel smaller), nothing too sickly sweet pink (a lot of our other pieces and accents have hints of coral, so we wanted something to compliment those tones as well), but nothing too orange. Yikes. After taping up a bunch of paint chips, we narrowed it down to about four to choose from.


It was about this time that I encountered the Enchanted Princess on the side of the road… and I’m being serious. On my way home from work one day, I was driving along one of the windier, forest-y parts, and saw a Behr paint can lying on the side of the road. I drove past it, but then got to thinking… Wouldn’t that be funny… Well, curiosity got the better of me, I turned the car around, and went back to check it out. Sure enough, the label on the can was… ENCHANTED PRINCESS! A light pink color from the Behr Disney Line.


I brought the dirty, half-full can home just to see if there was any chance we’d be able to use it, but it ended up being a little too dark and too purple-y pink for what we were going for. Still, that’s pretty crazy that it could have even been in the running! So next time you see an Enchanted Princess on the side of the road… rescue her. She could be what you’ve been looking for all along. :)


Anyway, back to the paint colors. After much deliberation, we opted for a hue called “Candy Floss” by Behr (you can see it in the picture above). I wanted to be able to look up at the ceiling and see a definite PINK color and the other options were just a bit too orange-y, especially during the evening hours. In the end, it is the perfect shade for the ceiling and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


In terms of the painting, I was in charge of the preparation and protection (we’ve been slowly adding some furniture that we wanted to cover in case of splatters)…


And Mitch got to work putting the color up…


When all was said and done, we had ourselves the sweetest pink ceiling in all the land!

painting-the-nursery-008For the walls, we did something we’ve never done before. Just went into Home Depot, bought a gallon of paint right off the shelf and walked out the door with it, totally un-tinted. We wanted something really bright and clean on the walls- a white with no under tones, so the “Ultra Bright White” from Behr (which is the base color that has no tinting to it) was what we went with. Crossing our fingers, we put it on the walls and it ended up being the perfect plain shade to fade into the background and allow that pink ceiling to be the highlight.


It’s all finished, looks beautiful, and has already served as the perfect back drop to the other pieces we’ve added since (the bookshelf below got a little “changing table” makeover… can’t wait to show ya!).


And that’s the tale of the paint for Baby T’s room!


PS. The Enchanted Princess lived happily ever after… as in, she’s sitting in our basement. Maybe some day we’ll find a use for her. :)

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