Our Home


We bought our (very first!) house on June 12, 2013 and compared to the looooong house hunting and settlement process, our remodeling/changes/decorating started happening right away. We couldn’t wait to jump right in! However, in order to get an “after“, there has to be a “before“, right? You’re about to embark on the adventure with us, so find a comfy seat and settle in…

We Bought a House!

Alright, let’s go!

Our House

The picture above is our home, looking from the parking lot at the front door. If you turn to the left and look down the sidewalk, this is what you’ll see:

Our Home

And if you turn around to look back at the parking lot (the house is behind you)…

Our Home


When you come in the front door, you’ll be greeted by our mini foyer and the staircase leading to the second story. Here’s the before:


We painted the walls a blue/gray color and added board and batten going up the steps, painted bright white for some crisp and clean contrast. This is what the space looks like after:

Installing Board and Batten


Here’s a quick glimpse at that foyer (to the right) and you can even see the door to the downstairs bathroom (on the left).

Family Room: BEFORE

And after the paint job and board and batten:

Installing Board and BattenAnd if we pan around, this guy is hiding in that corner…

Styling the Corner Cabinet-009

Here we are, with a before shot of the family room. Through the hallway is the hall closet (door on the right) and the kitchen.

Family Room: BEFORE

After paint, furniture, and small changes here and there, our room looks like this today:

Styling the Shelves in the Family Room

Looking back toward the Family Room from the Kitchen before

Family Room: BEFORE
In progress (we painted, hung frames, mirrors, and curtains, and bought an entertainment center/electric fireplace to make this room cozy):

Family Room: AFTER

And after (we re-painted, hung shelves and a gallery wall, and added two storage ottomans):

Styling the Shelves in the Family Room


Through the hallway, on your left, you’ll find the hall closet. Feel free to hang up your coat and stay awhile! Here’s a before photo:

Hall Closet: BEFORE

The afters (yes, we actually have afters of this “room”!) will be coming shortly.


On the other side of the hallway (to your right), is our Downstairs 1/2 bath. Check out these befores:

Downstairs Bath: BEFORE Downstairs Bath: BEFORE

Since then it’s been de-wallpapered, painted, and decorated and now it’s looking more like this after:Downstairs Bath: AFTERUpdate: The bathroom is our current “newest project”! See our vision for the future space here


Welcome to the cheeriest room of our house (after we painted it yellow and added some homey touches, that is). Here are a few befores:Kitchen: BEFOREKitchen: BEFORE

The dining area of the kitchen before its transformation:Kitchen: BEFORE

Looking back toward the Family Room from the Kitchen:Kitchen: BEFORE

…And, of course, a few afters (check out the details of the chandelier upgrade here, the gallery wall here, and the floating shelves here):

Kitchen: AFTERKitchen: AFTERKitchen: AFTER


Second floor time. Here is our Master Bedroom before we transformed it into more of a relaxing “getaway”.

Master Bedroom: BEFORE

Master Bedroom: BEFORE

And this is what it’s looking like AFTER some paint, new carpeting, and furniture:

Master Bedroom: AFTERMaster Bedroom: AFTEROh, and a close up of that window nook!

Master Bedroom: AFTER


Of all the rooms in the house, this space has undergone the most changes. It started out as our “go crazy with bold ideas that we can’t try anywhere else” room. Here is a before shot of the Spare Bedroom when we first bought it…

Spare Bedroom: BEFORE

It didn’t take us long to get some functional furniture in there (you can read about the bookshelf here and the futon here) and color on the walls… here’s what it looked like “in progress”:

Spare Bedroom: AFTERSpare Bedroom: AFTERSpare Bedroom: AFTER

After about two years, we decided that it was time for a change… we needed the space to do more and we wanted to try a different design scheme. We took the doors off the closet and made it into an office (there are ten chapters to that story and you can read through them here) and painted the room neutral. Aka. WHITE!

Painting the Spare RoomWhitewashing the Bamboo Blinds

This room is definitely a work in progress and space has evolved even since this update! Details coming soon!


Need a bathroom break? Here’s a shot or two of the room before changing things around:

berwick 082 Upstairs Bath: BEFORE

And after painting it blue, adding some minty details, creating additional storage, and replacing the old (and nasty!!) caulking and grout in the tub,  it looks more like this:
Upstairs Bath: AFTERUpstairs Bath: AFTER


A hidden gem, found in the Spare Bedroom. Just like the hall closet, this little space got a makeover of its own! Here is what it looked like before:

Laundry Room: BEFORELaundry Room: BEFOREAfter painting it a bright, peppy color, adding a little organization, installing an extra shelf, and creating some clothespin art… it now looks like this:

Laundry Room


And last, but definitely not least, welcome to the great outdoors (and actually a major selling point for us!). We have our own patio that opens up to the neighborhood common space. We feel very blessed to be off to the side and hidden behind a large tree, which makes it pretty difficult to see into our space. Also, there’s a creek, which makes us giddy for warm weather months! Here are a few before shots (hey, dad!):

Backyard: BEFOREBackyard: BEFOREAnd after a summer of working on this space, here’s the after:

Backyard: AFTERThe backyard project was a lot of fun and took us quite a few posts to share everything. You can see a comprehensive (mostly finished!) to-do list here. Oh, and beyond our little plot lies the common space, complete with a field to run around in and a stream to play in…

BackyardAnd there you have it, our humble home! Thanks for stopping by :) If you’re curious to see the progress as it happens or just want to pop in every once in a while, we’d love to have you join us for the journey. It’s not always a smooth ride (we have clogged drains and spilled milk on the carpet just like anyone else!), but we’re always careful to enjoy the adventure. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

PS. Are you more of an “interactive” reader? Click HERE to see the most recent video tour.

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