Our 2016 Christmas Card


Happy December, friends! This year, Mitch and I are determined to be ON TOP OF IT in terms of Christmas. We’re talking, Christmas cards ordered, gifts bought and wrapped, house decorated, the whole nine yards EARLY so that we don’t get caught off guard with a new baby and Christmas…

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35 Weeks


I cannot believe we’re at the 35 week mark. And that we have less than 5 weeks to go before Baby Girl is due to arrive. Pregnancy is a weird thing because parts of it seem to go by so slowly, while others speed by. Everyone experiences this differently, but…

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A Day at the Orchard


Last weekend was one of the very rare times where we had nothing going on. NOTHING. For us, weekends like these are like unicorns. We’re not sure they even exist and when they do come around, we just spend the whole day looking at each other, asking “Is this real life?”.…

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