Pink Leaves, White Houses, & Other Fall Updates

And with that, we are only a day away from Thanksgiving. Holy smokes! It’s crazy to think that November is almost over, but I have to say that I’ve been excited for Thanksgiving to come for a long while now. It’s the start of all of the winter festivities and on a personal note, this year we are excitedly anticipating a few extras. One, in particular. :)


In terms of decorating, I am just now feeling like I have a vague idea of where most of our seasonal decorations are. In the spirit of transparency, we’ve still got A LOT of boxes that need to be unpacked, sorted, and organized. For the longest time, we knew were nothing was, outside of what we had been using day to day. Things are slowly starting to make their way into a system and I’m proud to say that I was at least able to get a few autumn-y decorations in place in time for Thanksgiving. Here’s what that foyer hall table is looking like these days…


On the other side of our couch, we’ve been trying out a few bookshelves, stacked on their sides. Who knows if they will stay for the long run, but for now they are home to a few books (the rest are still packed!) and some fall bits and pieces.


Oh, and the festivities don’t stop there… awhile back, I snagged this pink, orange, and gold bunting for a few bucks off a Target clearance end cap and now he’s hanging proudly across the big mirror above the couch. PS. Did you notice that rug? It’s new! We went on a whirlwind one-day adventure to find it and I’ll have more pictures and details coming your way soon. :)


Those are the main areas we’ve fall-ified and I feel content with that. Moving is a SLOW process, especially when you’re sick and pregnant for most of it and I’m learning the art of giving myself some grace. Just do what you can and what feels right and fulfilling and that can be enough.

One thing that happened for the first time since we’ve moved here is… a festive TABLE SETTING! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these- way back when in the last house- and it felt nice to clear the table off of all the junk mail that accumulates, set out some dishes, and make it look nice in honor of the holiday season.


For this get up, I went with the pink theme. Just as a heads up… Mitch and I are toying with the idea of a whimsical, pink-filled Christmas in honor of the (hopefully pre-Christmas!) arrival of our little lady. How fun would that be?! I’m not a huge pink person when it comes to, well, anything, but I think a brand new baby girl is a good excuse as any to try something fun and different this year! We’ll see how this plays out. :) Anyway, back to the table setting…


I started by throwing a white Pashmina scarf I already had across the table and following up with some dark woven chargers (these ones are from Ikea), white plates and bowls, silverware, and some cloth napkins.


The napkins came from Goodwill, but are originally from Target if you’re looking. Our Goodwill gets loads of brand new, still-in-the-packaging products from Target’s overstock and it’s a great place to snag some deals! These napkins seemed very autumnal to me so I grabbed a few packs and used them as the spring board for the table setting inspiration.


To add to the pink factor, I cut some leaves out of scrapbook paper and scattered them along the center of the table…


For the centerpiece, I opted to continue the white theme and plopped a few ceramic white houses (they’re actually candle holders) in the middle and called it a day. These guys came from the Target dollar aisle and are just a few bucks each! I have to say… their dollar aisle Christmas selection is on point this year and every time I stop by, I’m tempted to pick up a few more bits and pieces. Side note: these houses would be great present toppers and actually, I’ve been hoarding them to finish off a bunch of gifts for friends and family. They’re just beautiful!


To top things off in pink-world, I grabbed four Mason jars to use as drinking glasses (that feels fall-ish, right?) and added some pink drinking straws. Aren’t they so festive and cute?


And there you have it… our Thanksgiving table and fall-ified home! Happy Turkey Day, everyone! We hope your day is filled with good food and lots of laughs. :)

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