DIY Monthly Challenge… September Style!

It’s that time again, folks… the DIY Monthly Challenge! New around here? The Monthly Challenge is when a group of us bloggers get together and challenge each other (and ourselves) to do a project that corresponds with the theme of the month. So far, we’ve done Pinterest inspired and Thrift Store inspired… and this month, the challenge is… ROPE! Using rope to create something awesome. Or at least just something. :)

DIYMC September 2015

I’m going to go ahead and show you where I took things for the challenge, but at the end, make sure you click the links to go and visit the other blogs because they have some awesome projects as well! Alrighty, let’s get started! I bring you…

DIY Rope Wrapped Cans

These guys were so fun to make and SO EASY. Does DIY scare you? Feel like you don’t have the necessary skills to take on most of the stuff floating around on Pinterest? Trust me on this one, ANYONE can do this. If you can tie your shoes, you’re good to go. It’s essentially a lot of wrapping. Which is ironic now that I think about it because I’ve done wrapping before for the DIY Challenge… I really should branch out, huh? :)

#nextmonthgoals #nowrapping

I’ve seen things like this here and there on Pinterest and have always wanted to try a few of my own. Maybe it’s because I like nautical-y things, so the rope gets me. Maybe it’s because I like cheap projects… who knows? I’ve just always wanted to turn some tin cans into cool decor pieces. And the how-to is so stinkin’ easy… I’m telling you- go grab a can or two out of your recycling, a bit of rope (I got mine for $5 at Home Depot), and a hot glue gun and you’ll be all set to go.

Just dab some glue on your can and wrap until you reach the bottom.

Rope Wrapped CansDon’t have any cans lying around? I got creative and cut the top off of a canister of salt… anything with a cylinder shape will work! Rope Wrapped Cans 7After they were good and wrapped, I wanted to try my hand at spicing them up a bit with some color and pattern. For the first, I just taped off about 2/3 of the can and Mitch took it outside and gave it a shot of gold spray paint.

Rope Wrapped Cans 10I really like how it gave the can some extra dimension and interest, but it’s not over the top bling. Kind of falls right in line with the colors of autumn, huh? The orange-y red roses help with that too, I guess. :)

Rope Wrapped Cans 3Next up… pattern! All I did was use some white craft paint to color on some geometric print.

Rope Wrapped Cans 6I started with tall zig zags, the height of the can and then filled in some smaller triangles at each point. Top it off with a few pencils and some tape and we’re all set for back-to-school! Psst. Consider this your sneak peek as to what’s been happening with the new desk styling… the final reveal is coming soon!

Rope Wrapped Cans 4And there you have it- a super easy way to bring in some texture and fun to your mantel or desk just in time for the fall! Happy wrapping!

Rope Wrapped Cans 2PS. Ok, now it’s time to stalk the rest of the blog squad and see what rope-themed projects they came up with! I’ll meet you over there… let’s go!

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  1. They look great! What an easy way to add some extra visual interest to your desk, and to think it was from old cans!

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