Winter Home Tour: 2015 (VIDEO!)

Annnnd the fiesta continues (we’re celebrating one year of blog world for Oh, the Fun) with the much anticipated Home Tour video! I won’t waste any time getting into it, y’all know what this is about. You get to crash our pad to see the latest and greatest… and hear my awkward, rambling commentary. It’s sure to be a hoot. :)

Some things to watch out for:

  • You’d think it’s still Christmas… because at that point it time, it was. Don’t worry- our holiday decorations have long since been taken down and packed away!
  • There’s a brand new feature that has NEVER been seen on the blog so far… can you spot it?
  • No, we don’t always have rolled up towels and drink glasses displayed nicely on our bed. We had house guests at that time and really pulled out all the stops. :)


Riveting, huh? We’ll see you tomorrow for the answer to the BIG QUESTION: will Oh, the Fun go on or is this the end of a fun time? See ya then!

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