A Navy & Coral Nursery For Baby

We’re talking NURSERY today! Probably the number one questions I get asked as of late is “Have you started the nursery yet?”. Along those same lines… “How’s the nursery coming?”, “What does the baby’s room look like?”, “What colors are you using in the nursery?”. Well, friends, today’s the day to answer some of those questions! But let’s start at the beginning. When we first bought the house, the nursery was being used as… a nursery!

Bedroom #3

When we moved in, it became more of a catch-all. We used this room to hold a desk for office space, the futon from our spare room in the last house, a dresser that we are no longer using in our current master bedroom, and a bunch of other things that either need to be unpacked, organized, or put elsewhere. I should back up and say that the room I’m talking about is the one directly across from our bedroom. It’s the smallest room in the house and we think it’ll be a great fit for the smallest member of our family. :) Most recently, we’ve moved the office stuff out of there and have been using it as our stash spot for all things baby that we received from the shower.


It took us awhile to figure out the direction we wanted to go with the nursery, partially because we wanted to wait and find out if we were having a boy or a girl before making too many plans. I knew that I wanted it to be specific to the baby’s gender to allow for flexibility to add personal touches that might not be possible in a totally gender- neutral space.

We’ve already started on the makeover and even have a few of the pieces you’ll see in the moodboard below for the foundation of the room. I can’t wait to show you some of the progress we’ve made, as it’s looking quite a bit different than it did before! For now, though, let’s get into the game plan with… you guessed it… a MOODBOARD!


Alrighty, why don’t we just dive right in? I’ll spew all of my general thoughts and ideas at you and we’ll see how intact we all are at the end. :)

  1. White Walls: I am really loving the challenge of working with white walls in this house and the plan for the nursery is no different. Because the room is small, keeping the walls white will help to make the space feel larger and more open. Have no fear, though, we’ll be getting some color in there with…
  2. Pink Ceilings: We’ve never painted a color on the ceiling before, but I’ve always wanted to try it! And because the colors we’ve landed on are navy and pink, we chose a really light shade of pink for the ceiling to bring out that feminine touch for our little pea.
  3. Hard Wood Floors: All of our bedrooms have hardwood floors already and I figured it was helpful to have that represented in the moodboard as we piece together colors and patterns.
  4. Gray Glider: This was gifted to us off of our registry and we LOVE it. I searched high and low for a rocker/glider that was functional, but also looked good. Most of the ones I saw were purely functional and I really didn’t like the way they looked… until I stumbled across this one, that is. It came from Target and lately I’ve been having trouble finding it on their website, but here it is on another site.
  5. White Crib: This convertible crib (over time, it can transition from crib to twin bed) also comes from Target and fits the “simple, not too traditional, not too modern” bill.
  6. Navy & White Curtains: I really wanted a mix of sweet and soft and sporty and bold… which come to think of it, is a lot like my own style. These curtains anchor the whole look and help to tone down the pink with a bit of nautical-meets-structure. They are actually one of the pieces we’ve already purchased and they came in the mail last week! What we didn’t realize, but are grateful for, is that they are also light-blocking and VERY thick (these babies have some serious substance to them), which will be great for daytime naps. These ones are from Target and come also come in pink, gray, aqua, and yellow (plus they’re on sale right now!) for anyone looking for something similar.
  7. Fluffy White Rug: I spent quite a bit of time looking for the right rug for this room. As our last house was pretty much all carpet, we’ve never actually bought a rug! After reading through A LOT of reviews on different products, I think I finally found one that is soft and sweet for a nursery, but will not be shedding all over the place. This one comes from Amazon and we can’t wait to order it and see how it looks in person!
  8. White Changing Table: In good ‘ole fashioned “use what you have” style, we are opting to transform our Ikea Kallax bookshelf into a changing table for little miss T. I did some googling to see if it’s been done before and people were happy with the results (safety first!) and it seems to be a pretty popular option, so we went for it. We already own the white one and have already begun the retrofitting process by adding a few drawers for storage.
  9. Blanket: Ahh, this blanket… the blanket that sparked my entire inspiration for the room. I love this thing! I had been doing a little bit of hunting and stumbled on the LottieDa Baby company on Etsy. She makes beautiful bedding and I loved the mixing of the soft floral with the bold stripes in this set. Every room needs a “special piece”… something that just makes you smile every time you walk in. This is it for the nursery. We ordered the blanket as our one splurge for the space and I am SO EXCITED for it to get here! A couple weeks ago, we got swatches of the fabrics in the mail and they are even more beautiful in person. I also managed to find where we can buy excess of the navy floral fabric and have been entertaining the possibility of trying to make my own crib skirt. We’ll see how that pans out. :) Here’s a sneak peek of those swatches we got, plus a little bit of paint color dreaming…nursery-moodboard
  10. Coral Pillow: I found this guy awhile back and liked the gumdrop-shaped print and the fun pom pom fringe! A cute addition to the room that fits the overall picture, but won’t be too matchy matchy.
  11. White Morrocan Pouf: The infamous pouf that’s all over the internet these days and in virtually every house I’ve seen across any blog. :) For good reason… it’s cool! Who knows if we’ll end up getting one for the baby’s room, but this is a space for ideas and thoughts, so it made the moodboard. Here is the white option, but I could also see us going with a fun pink or exotic dark tan leather and using it in other spaces as well.
  12. Wicker Hamper: She’s going to need a hamper and this dark woven one from Target seems like it’ll do the job just fine (although, I think with a little hunting around, we could find a cheaper alternative elsewhere). Plus, it’s versatile enough to be used elsewhere if we ever wanted to.
  13. Wall Art: As the space develops, we’ll be on the hunt for some pretty art to hang on her walls… I love how the gold lettered pieces look and we might end up using the one we got from Southern Glen (it says “Choose Kindness” and you can see the post about it here) for the room!
  14. Wire Baskets: Last but not least, some fun accents to bring everything together and give it some personality. I found these (coincidentally coordinating!) wire milk crates at Target and think they’ll be a cute and functional way to stash odds and ends, or maybe even books and toys.

And that, folks, is where I leave you in terms of “nursery land”… we’re slowly getting the room together and so far, it’s been a lot of fun. It feels different than any other room for some reason. Maybe because it comes with feelings of anticipation and joy for the baby to get here. I also think it has something to do with the vision for the space… as soon as we had a direction, it’s been pretty easy for us to fill in the missing pieces and make decisions… I don’t know, it just feels like this room has come together more easily and quickly than any of our others so far. And good thing too- she’ll be here before we know it!

2016 Outdoor Tour (& To-Do List)

We’ve shown you a lot of the inside of our house, but not so much of the outdoors… well, today’s your day because we’re taking things OUTSIDE! The yard situation of this house definitely has its pros and cons. More pros than cons, though. After all, it was a big selling point for us when we were house hunting! I thought it would be a good idea to show you what the yard looked like around the time that we bought it, plus give you a road map for some of the things we’re hoping to do as we live into it a little more. And because we love a good video tour, I bring you… the Summer 2016 Outdoor Tour! Complete with Mitch as your tour guide. :) Enjoy!

As you can see, we were blessed to snag a yard with TONS of potential. There is a lot of grass, a lot of trees, and a lot of space, which we love. However, potential comes with work and we’ve definitely got ours cut out for us. Here’s a run down of some of the things we’ve been dreaming about, yard wise. Some of them have already been completed (and I’ll get them into posts as soon as I can) and some of them will be waaaaaayyyyyy down the line projects. But, hey, it’s good to dream!


New House 1

  • Kill and remove poison ivy from big tree
  • Remove weeds from driveway and fill in cracks
  • Remove big bush from front right corner
  • Add garden bed under front windows next to porch
  • Replace garage doors
  • Replace wood framing around windows
  • Add a swing to the front yard tree!


Front Porch-001

  • Paint front door (already done, as you can see in the video… post coming soon!)
  • Stain and seal ceiling and beams
  • Add furniture (started this!)
  • Buy cushions
  • Stain concrete floor?
  • Add safer/permanent steps leading onto the porch
  • Add garden in front of porch
  • Box in the bottom of the wooden beams to hide concrete bases
  • Add hanging plants

SIDE YARD (facing the house, to the left)


  • Remove big bushes by mailbox and plant grass instead
  • Plant a garden bed around the mailbox
  • Add prettier numbers to the mailbox
  • Remove HUGE bush/tree by the backyard fence and plant grass instead
  • Clean up area right against the side of the house (garden bed?)
  • Build a tree house/ play house in the back side nook



  • Remove Sumac trees from along fence
  • Remove poison ivy from along fence
  • Remove poison ivy from trees
  • Trim back garden bed around the tree and add plants
  • Clean up back deck (short term)
  • Remove back deck (long term)
  • Add stone patio
  • Build a permanent fire pit
  • Hang bistro lights in the trees
  • Clear behind back fence and replace with prettier option
  • Replace the chain link back fence with tall privacy fence
  • Fix broken side pieces of fence
  • Repair fence gate
  • Figure out some way to add a hammock :)
  • Plant garden bed along back of the house

Boom, our To-Do List. Daunting? Kind of. But we’ll take our time and chip away at it slowly… after all, we’re planning on being here for awhile. :)

New House, New Couch

THIS little update has been a long time coming. :) We bought a new couch. And we love it.


Lately, I’ve felt a little stressed about the posting schedule… there has been so much happening to the house, especially recently, that I just cannot keep up! As you know, three weeks ago we had a big party to celebrate Baby Thomas at our house. It was so much fun, but really gave us a run for our money in terms of getting things in order both in and around the house. Talk about a DEADLINE. Our house has changed more within the last month than it did all of the other five months we’ve lived here.

So yeah, there is a TON to bring you up to speed on and rather than stress out about the timing and order that things happened, I’m just going to start throwing random updates at you. Completely willy nilly. Today is the couch, next could be the front porch, next week maybe I’ll finally finish those hall bathroom posts… we’ll hit it all eventually. :) For those of you Type A people that need a better road map, my sincerest apologies.

Anyway, back to the couch! The living room in this house is a really great space because it is open to the kitchen and even to the hall and part of the sitting room around the corner. Here’s what it looked like before we moved in…

Living Room

And looking from the other direction, you can see how it opens to the kitchen (which is behind the camera, to the left)…


For the first few months that we lived here, we just plopped the furniture from our old house down and called it a room. It worked, but it wasn’t the perfect fit and we knew that someday down the line, we’d be in the market for something else.


Back in July, my mom and I made a stop in the Habitat Restore (because I can’t seem to get through a post without raving about this place), shopping for nothing in particular. That’s when you know you’re in trouble. When there’s no goal in mind. :) I should preface all of this by saying that Mitch and I had talked about someday investing in a new couch- a sectional, to be exact- now that we had a new and larger space to fill. I wanted something in the gray family and something large and wrap around so a lot of people could fit on it. But this was all way down the line because we knew we’d be sinking a good chunk of money into a piece like that. Here’s an example of one I found with a quick Google search… these things can easily run $1,000 and up depending on the size.


We also talked about going the Ikea route to cut costs a little bit, but even Ikea pieces are no drop in the bucket when you’re talking big sectionals…


So we put the conversation on the back burner and chalked it up to something we’d slowly save up for and then purchase when we’d had more time to live into the space. But you obviously know that didn’t happen, as I mentioned earlier that Mom and I were walking around the Restore with no agenda (aka. sitting ducks). During our perusing, I spotted this…


I say “spotted” like it was tucked away and I had to use a magnifying glass to find it… not so. This thing was so HUGE, it would actually have been more impressive if we had walked the whole store and not spotted it. We’re talking, like a double wrap around, SIX PIECE sectional. I mean, it was just showing off, really. :)

Since I knew we were not in the market to be buying a couch, I didn’t really give it much thought… just wandered over casually to see what the story was. Price tag check… $900. Um, what?! Under a thousand dollars for that whole thing?? I’ll admit, the wheels started turning. Slowly, because $900 is no small sum of money, but still… I mean, it’s a big couch.

I sat down on it and pulled out my phone to do a little Googling… it was an Ethan Allen sofa and the closest comparable thing I could find online was a 3-4 piece, selling for $6,000-7,000. This is when I started looking around to see if anyone was looking to stake their claim… which is when I saw the sign. The sign that said everything in the store was HALF OFF. So I called Mitch. Right there from the couch. I was too afraid to even get up and try and find my mom to come over and look at it. I’ve learned that if you think you want something in that store, don’t leave it unattended because nothing lasts very long before getting snatched up. After sending photos to Mitch, clearing the purchase with him, putting a claim ticket on it, dragging my mom over to see it, and doing a little negotiating, we ended up walking out the door having snagged it for $400 buckaroos. Never in my wildest dreams… just picture me happy dancing all over the parking lot as my dad and Mitch worked out the transportation logistics.

They had met us at the store and we borrowed a friend’s truck to load all of the pieces and transport it home.


The couch itself was in pretty good condition, but we vacuumed it down and took off all of the cushions.


The covers came off and got thrown on a gentle cycle in the wash and then hung out to dry on the clothesline before we assembled everything.


We only ended up using half of the pieces in the living room because the thing is just too darn large to fit them all. The rest are sitting in our basement and together, make up a whole extra couch on their own. :)


To celebrate, we bought some cheap and fun pillow covers from Hobby Lobby just to add some pizzazz. :)


These days, though, the whole space is looking a lot more put together with a more thought-out pillow scheme and a few other additions to the room to make it feel more like a cozy living space and less “most of our stuff is still in boxes, but we found this really awesome couch”.


The red and aqua pillows and the coral spotted ones came from Target and the other ones, we already had.


Add a few blankets and a fuzzy throw and we’re making headway!


I just love this cozy reading corner seat!


And as for those other additions, we hung the mirror from the last house back over the couch (although, now it looks a little dwarfed by the larger sofa!), added a big, leafy plant, and a standing lamp that we found in the basement.


Here’s a close up of that plant… I figure I better log him into blog land because who the heck knows how long we’ll manage to keep him alive?


Oh, and CURTAINS! That’ll be a whole other post, but we are now the proud owners of curtained windows. Consider this your sneak peek. :)


This room is far from finished, but it’s a good start! We’d still like to find a soft rug to ground everything, hang some art on the walls, and figure out what is going on with the wooden shelves behind the couch (which also came from the Restore). You know what, though? I think we’ll just enjoy the room as is and the rest will slowly fall into place as we continue to settle in. Anyone else ever go into a store and come out with WAY more than you expected to? Do tell… :)

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